The Road Safety Education Program (RSEP) needs to be done over a minimum of 12 months to maximize your learning!

​To comply with the course program and the SAAQ’s recommendations, time limits are instantly added in our online course scheduling system. Here is the ideal time limit of each phase of the Road Safety Education Program, which is the time limit between the first and the last course of the phase.


​Those limits are there for many reasons:
  1. Maintain the ideal time limit for each phase of the Road Safety Education Program (see table above).
  2. Encourage your learning process to be spread over the 12-month minimum period, also the time you need to have your learner’s licence.
  3. Schedule a maximum of courses per week to reinforce what has been learned.
  4. Encourage on-road sessions with your accompanying rider. 

50 hours minimum of on-road sessions at home is recommended by the SAAQ!

In addition to your driving lessons, the SAAQ recommends a minimum of 50 hours of on-road sessions with your accompanying rider to help you acquire safe driving behaviors. These on-road sessions can be done during the 12-month mandatory minimum period you must hold your learner’s licence.

​We invite you to look at our toolbox and share it with your accompanying rider. It will help him get some tips and encourage on-road sessions with him in between the ones done at your driving school.


​​If possible, when planning courses for a phase, try to schedule at least one course for your next phase! This will allow you to:
  1. ​Make sure that the minimum time limit of the next phase can be started sooner, even if you took a few weeks to practice at home after the first course of this phase.
  2. Do your courses throughout the year to cover all four seasons.