Do you have questions about the various licences and the driving courses offered by Tecnic?

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact the Tecnic school nearest you.

FAQ Automobile

Because needs vary from one person to another, we suggest you contact the Tecnic school nearest you to obtain pricing.

Please note: If you see prices posted on the Internet by certain competitors, we suggest that you check and ask questions to make sure that the price announced corresponds to the training hours you need and to find out what is and isn’t included in the contract.

At Tecnic, our prices are competitive and our contracts are not misleading.
Usually, a contract with Tecnic lasts 18 months. If you have not completed your driving course at the end of the contract, the school can extend the contract under certain conditions. The duration of the contract will be written on the contract that you signed. Note that the duration of the contract is specific to the Tecnic school with which you are doing business.
You can start the theory lessons a few weeks before your turn 16. Once you are 16, with your Module 5 test successfully completed and your certificate in hand, you can go to the SAAQ to obtain your learner’s licence.
The mandatory program is spread through 13 months. You may pass your first knowledge test at your driving school, at Module 5,  minimum  28 days after starting the Road Safety Education Program. You will be able to pass your second knowledge test at the SAAQ once you had your learner’s licence for at least 10 months. You can then pass your road test at the SAAQ once you have completed your 15 in-car sessions, passed your knowledge test and have had your learner’s licence for at least 12 months.
If there is little time left before your learner’s licence expires, quickly contact the Tecnic school in your area to know the date on which you can start your courses. Depending on the number of months left before your licence expires, the school personnel will work hard to provide you with a course schedule that will correspond to your needs.
Tecnic schools offer flexible payment terms, and several Tecnic schools also accept debit cards and credit cards. Contact the Tecnic school in your area by phone or email to learn about the payment plan tailored to your needs
Certainly! If you started your courses in another driving school and, whatever the reason, you want to continue at Tecnic, you can ask the other school for a certificate indicating the courses already completed and, subsequently, register at Tecnic with the certificate. We will take into account the certificate and the courses that you have already completed elsewhere.
If you obtained your learner’s licence before January 2010, you can register for in-car sessions only. Contact the Tecnic school nearest you to register.  If your learner's licence is expired, you should renew it before you register for a driving course.
You can see the schedule of the next theory lessons directly in your online account. New classes begin each week in several locations (depending on the area).
Many factors can explain numerous failures of the SAAQ test:
  1. Stress
    Based on the feedback we get from students, stress is often an important factor that explains failing the test. To overcome stress, we suggest that you practice driving with a number of people and in a variety of locations.
  2. Lack of practice
    The Road Safety Education Program consists of 15 in-car sessions of 55 minutes each, and this is usually sufficient for the majority of people, provided they are able to practice between each lesson. It is important to know that a number of students need additional classes to consolidate specific knowledge (e.g.: parking). The SAAQ has established 15 x 55 minutes as a reference to obtain a driving certificate, but it is important to practice between each lesson. We recommend a minimum of 50 hours of practice with an accompanying rider during your training year.

FAQ Motorcycle

FAQ Motorcycle - Courses

Yes, they are. But don’t think that the content is the same as for the automobile courses. The content taught in class applies almost exclusively to driving motorcycles, with a short review of the Highway Safety Code and signage. The theoretical course must be completed before starting a practical course.
Before registering, make sure you comply with the new rules of access for 6R motorcycle riding licence here (in force since December 17, 2020).

​The first step is to study the motorcycle driving handbook on your own and follow the preparation course for the knowledge test. This 3-hour course is optional and is offered free of charge by Tecnic. You will also be able to prepare for the exam with our practice exam that consists of 5 quizzes. Each quiz has 32 questions. Then you must pass your SAAQ knowledge test to obtain your 6R licence which allows you to take your practice classes.

Once you obtain your licence, you must follow theory classes and practice lessons with us. Here is how it works in most Tecnic schools: You have 3 hours of theory to prepare you for closed track driving and 16 hours of closed track driving practice (4 sessions of 4 hours). Then you must follow 3 hours of theory to prepare you for 10 hours of on-road training (5 sessions of 2 hours). This part can be done in a minimum of 4 weeks.

Once the training is over, you will go back to the SAAQ to pass your second test (closed track test), and if you succeed, you will obtain your 6A licence. This is a motorcycle learner’s licence that you must keep for a minimum of 11 months.

During this time period, you are allowed to drive your motorcycle on roads unaccompanied. Once the 11-month delay is over, you will be able to take your last test at the SAAQ (road test) and obtain your “real” 6A motorcycle licence. 
Generally, the courses are given on motorcycles ranging from 250 cc to 650 cc, in both sports and custom models.

Moreover, during your course, you will have the chance to try several models. Each Tecnic Driving School has a large number of motorcycles, brands and variety of models.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable on a motorcycle or you would simply like to try a different model, you can change to another.

When signing up, please feel free to ask what models are available!
The good news for you is that you won't have to wait to pass your SAAQ motorcycle tests.

In other words, if you have already followed a course in a recognized school, and you are still in possession of your driving course certificate, you only have to make appointments at the SAAQ and take the 3 mandatory tests (theory, closed track and on-road), without having to wait 11 months as required by law. You can contact the Tecnic Driving School nearest you take a refresher course to help you successfully pass all your tests.

If you have not followed a driving course, the process is the same with the exception that you will need to do your entire course before taking your SAAQ tests.
Yes, you must bring your own helmet for reasons of hygiene.
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FAQ Motorcycle – Knowledge test

Here are the prerequisites before you can take the test:
  • Be 16 years of age.
  • Make an appointment for the knowledge test at a SAAQ evaluation centre.
Documents required the day of the SAAQ knowledge test:
  1. If you have a driver’s licence
    • Your probationary licence or driver’s licence
    • Your health insurance card.
    • Votre carte d'assurance maladie.
    • “Parental Authorization” form (If you are under 18 years of age).
  2. If you do not hold a driver’s licence
    • Your birth certificate or passport.
    • Your health insurance card.
    • “Parental Authorization” form (If you are under 18 years of age).
On that day, in addition to bringing your documents and doing the test, you will also need to: 
  • Fill out a medical form.
  • Pass the vision test.
  • Pay the SAAQ knowledge test fees.
You must wait 28 days before taking the knowledge test again. To help you prepare for the test, this is what we suggest:
  • Review your handbook and notes and prioritize the sections with which you are less comfortable. 
  • To practice more and get acquainted with the wording used on the of SAAQ knowledge test, Tecnic offers online tests that you can do at home.
When you pass your knowledge test, the SAAQ will issue a Class 6R learner’s licence which will be valid for a minimum of 18 months.

With your Class 6R learner’s licence, you will now be able to go to the next step, the closed track and on-road practice sessions. 

FAQ Motorcycle - Closed track test

On the day of the closed track test, you must bring the following documents :
  • Your Class 6R learner’s licence (must be valid for at least 1 month).
  • One of the identification (ID) you provided to obtain your Class 6R learner’s licence.
  • Your motorcycle driving course certificate completed by the driving school indicating you have “passed.”
  • A new “Parental Authorization form” (if you’re under 18 years of age).
  • The valid and signed registration certificate as well as proof of liability insurance for the motorcycle (if you don’t use the motorcycle provided by the school).
  • The SAAQ fees required for the closed track test.
This test is designed to assess your skills in carrying out the maneuvers and applying the rules for operating a motorcycle on a closed track.
You must wait at least 14 days before being able to retake the closed track test.

To help you when retaking the test, we suggest that you contact Tecnic to check the availability of a practical course to help you prepare for the SAAQ closed track test. Most Tecnic schools offer this course.
Once you have passed your closed track test, the SAAQ will issue you a Class 6A learner’s licence.

With your Class 6A learner’s licence, you can now proceed to the next step, the preparation of your SAAQ road test.

FAQ Motorcycle - SAAQ road test

The on-road test helps to assess your ability to execute maneuvers and apply rules relating to on-road motorcycle driving.

To successfully pass the road test, you must:
  • Drive without any infringements to the Highway Safety Code.
  • Adopt safe driving and behaviour at all times.
The day of your test, you must bring the following documents :​
  • Your Class 6A learner’s licence (this licence should be valid for at least 11 months).
  • One of the identification (ID) you provided to obtain your Class 6R learner’s licence.
  • A new “Parental Authorization form” (if you are less than 18 years of age).
  • The valid and signed registration certificate as well as proof of liability insurance for the motorcycle (if you don’t use the motorcycle provided by the school).
  • The SAAQ fees required for the road test.
You will need to wait at least 56 days before retaking the road test.

To prepare you for taking the test over, we suggest:
  • Follow in a Tecnic school the practical preparation course for the SAAQ road test. This practical course focuses on respecting the Highway Safety Code and safe behaviour. Most Tecnic Driving Schools offer this course. Inquire at a location nearest you. 
Once you have passed your road test, the SAAQ will give you:
  • A probationary licence (or a driver’s licence, if you are 25 years old or over, or if you already have a Class 5 driver’s licence).

FAQ Moped

A moped is a passenger vehicle with two or three wheels and has a maximum speed is of 70 km/h. It is equipped with an electric motor or a motor having a cylinder capacity of no more than 50 cc with an automatic transmission. 
Several Tecnic locations offer the mandatory moped driving course across Québec. For more information on this course you can check out this page or contact the Tecnic school nearest you to find out if it offers this course.
Before going to the SAAQ for the practical test, you must:
  • A minimum age of 14 years.
  • Fill out the SAAQ's Declaration of Illness or Impairment form and meet the medical requirements.
  • Schedule an appointment at the SAAQ service centreto pass the knowledge and vision tests.
  • Get a signed “Parental Authorization” form (if you are less than 18 years of age).
  • Have two original and valid identification (ID) (medical insurance card and birth certificate).
  • Have the required SAAQ fees.
The knowledge test consists of the following sections: 
  • Highway Safety Code.
  • Road signs and traffic signals.
  • Moped driving techniques.
The passing mark is 75%.
You will need to wait 28 days before retaking the knowledge test. To help you to redo your test, this is what we suggest:
  • Read again the “Maîtrisez les règles de la route” handbook and the , “Driving a Moped”guide. 
  • You can also take our online practice exam which includes 81 questions. There is also a “Bonus Section” to help you with the self-study parts required by the SAAQ.
When you successfully pass your knowledge test and the vision test, the SAAQ will give you your Class 6D driver’s licence which allows you to drive a moped equipped with an automatic transmission and a motor of 50 cm3 or less.
There is  no practical test to obtain a Classe 6D licence for a moped but you are required to pass the 6-hour Road Safety Education Program. This course is mandatory and you will have to present a duly completed attestation of successful completion of the driving course and payment at the SAAQ.  
For more information on the moped license, visit the SAAQ website by clicking here.

FAQ Three-wheeled motorcycles

Several Tecnic schools offer the mandatory course for three-wheeled motorcycles just about everywhere in Québec. Contact a Tecnic school nearest you to find out if this course is offered.

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