Our heavy vehicle training centers offer diverse training sessions specifically tailored to the needs of businesses.

We are well aware that businesses are quite busy, therefore our training sessions are flexible. Our objective is to adapt them to your everyday reality.
  1. Group or private training prices.
  2. Many groups may be trained and a number of trainers may be dispatched simultaneously.
  3. Training may be taken at our center or on the premises of your enterprises.
  4. We offer day, night or weekend training.

For those who drive a vehicle or a vehicle combination with a GVWR of 4500 kg or more. Truck, Trailer and Pickup truck.

  • An instructor will give a 4-hour theory and practice course that will be interactive, auditory and highly visual. As you know, 90% of the candidates are visual learners. The instructor will therefore give plenty of examples on the vehicle itself and will ask them to complete written exercises.
  • In the theory, the instructor will use Power Point and pre-trip safety inspection manuals. An exercise book will be handed to the candidates. The candidates will learn how to find minor and major defects and malfunctions as well as filling up the daily trouble shooting sheet.
  • The practical component of the course will be interactive between the instructor and the trainees. The instructor will conduct a pre-trip safety inspection, pointing at minor and major defects on the components that must be checked. This will give the candidates the opportunity to ask questions. Then the instructor will conduct a pre-trip Safety Inspection as the candidates are expected to do each morning.
  • The instructor will also teach how to perform an air brake test. The instructor will make sure that the 4 candidates who are with him in the vehicle understand how and why the air brake test is conducted.
  • At the end of the training session, the candidates will be eligible to an attestation, stipulating that they received a 4-hour pre-trip safety inspection training session. This way the operator, the owner and the driver will be covered in case of an incident. The attestation will be mailed two weeks after the payment has been received to the employer or the candidate. An attendance sheet will be signed at the beginning and also at the end of the session.

Our Heavy Vehicle Training Centers have the expertise to offer the following training options to enterprises:

Training sessions, tailored to measure and adapted to your specific needs.

  • Truck Driving Courses, Class 1-2-3 (automatic or manual transmissions)
  • Pre-Trip Safety Inspection (RDS)
  • Defensive Driving
  • Driver Evaluation (ROAD TEST)
  • Forklift-Truck operation
  • Act 430
  • Dangerous /Hazardous Cargo (TDM)
  • WHMIS/SIMDUT (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System)
  • Driving and resting time register
  • Driving a loaded vehicle on mountain roads
  • Improvement and transmission
  • Energy Saving and et Ecodriving
  • Stowage, loads and sizes
  • Courses tailored to your needs

We are present in most Quebec areas!

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