Are you 16 or over and want to obtain your driver’s licence?

Good news! Tecnic Driving Schools are offering driving courses that will give you the best chance for success.

Before getting behind the wheel, you must follow mandatory theoretical and practical classes and complete a series of important steps. In short, you must obtain your learner’s licence first, then your probationary licence and finally your “regular” driver’s licence.

Our class 5 driving course is divided into four phases that alternate between theory and practice: 12 in-class sessions of 2 hours each (totalling 24 hours) and 15 in-car sessions lasting 55 minutes each.

Take that big leap! Discover right here all the details of the 3 important steps to be followed to obtain your licence!

Summary of Steps

  1. Learner’s licence
  2. Probationary Licence
  3. Regular driver’s licence

Step 1 : Obtaining your learner’s licence

Thanks to your learner’s licence, you can now drive but only accompanied by a person who has held a valid regular driver's licence for at least two years. Only after 12 months with your learner’s licence can you pass your exam to obtain your probationary licence.

How do you obtain your learner’s licence?

  • Register for the driving course offered at a Tecnic Driving School nearest you.
  • Follow the phase 1 mandatory theoretical classes of the Road Safety Education Program (RSEP) that consist of 5 sessions of 2 hours, the last being a classroom evaluation. Phase 1 is spread out over a minimum of 28 days.
  • After passing your knowledge test, Tecnic will give you a certificate marked “Successful.”
  • Go to a SAAQ branch for a vision test and obtain you learner’s licence. You will need to present the following documents:
    • Your birth certificate issued by the Québec register of civil status or passport.
    • Your health insurance card.
    • Written parental authorization (for those under 18 years of age).
    • Your Tecnic Driving School certificate (certifying that you have successfully completed phase 1).
    • You must also provide the required amount to pay the SAAQ licence fees.

Learner’s Licence Obligations

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must always be accompanied by a driver who has held a valid regular driver's licence for at least two years.
  • You will be subject to the zero alcohol rule when driving.
  • You will lose your licence if you get 4 demerit points or more.
  • You can only drive in the province of Quebec.
  • Your learner’s licence will be valid for 18 months but can be renewed for another 12 months.

Step 2: Obtaining your probationary licence

Step 2: Obtaining your probationary licence

After holding your learner’s licence for 12 months, you will be allowed to pass the road test at the SAAQ to obtain your probationary licence. With it, you will be able to drive by yourself! 

How do you obtain your probationary licence?
  • Follow the mandatory theoretical classes from the Road Safety Education Program, phases 2 to 4, alternating with in-car sessions.
  • Phase 2 (guided driving) – 28 days minimum:
  • Invite your accompanying driver to attend session 6. 
  • Phase 3 (semi-guided driving) – 56 days minimum:
  • You will have 2 practical evaluations at in-car sessions 5 and 10. Leave a few free weeks between phases 3 and 4 to allow yourself to practice with your accompanying driver.
  • Phase 4 (semi-guided to independent driving)– 56 days minimum:
  • 10 months after obtaining your learner’s licence, complete session 12.
  • Then go to a SAAQ service centre and take the knowledge test.
  • In-car sessions 12 and 13 must be combined to make it a 2 hour practice with 2 learner drivers in the vehicle. Each learner takes turns to be an observer and a driver. In-car session15 is a formative evaluation and summary of instruction prior to the road test.
  • Do your SAAQ road test.
  • Once you have passed the road test, you will receive you probationary licence. Don’t forget, you must:
    • Hold a learner’s licence for at least 12 months.
    • Present written authorization from your parents (for those less than 18 years of age).
    • Present your driving course certificate marked “Successful.”

Probationary Licence Obligations

  • You will be subject to the zero alcohol rule when driving.
  • You will lose your licence if you get 4 demerit points or more.
The next step: Obtaining your regular licence!

Step 3: Obtaining your regular driver’s licence

24 months after obtaining your probationary licence, you will finally be able to obtain your regular driver’s licence!

Regular Driver’s Licence Obligations

  • Until you reach 21 years of age, you will be subject to the zero alcohol rule when driving.
  • Your licence will be revoked if you accumulate 4, 8 or 12 demerit points (depending on your age).

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