This Privacy policy of Groupe Tecnic 2000 Inc. and its affiliated Tecnic driving schools (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Tecnic”) describes Tecnic’s practices with regards to personal information as well as the reasonable measures taken to manage and protect this information when you make use of the Internet site (hereinafter referred to as the “Web site”) or visit a Tecnic school.
This Privacy policy addresses: 
  • the personal information we gather and our reasons for doing so;
  • the manner in which we use the information collected;
  • the features offered, including how to access and update your personal information;
  • who to contact should you have any questions or concerns in this regard. 


Tecnic will make all reasonable efforts to protect the personal information obtained from any accidental or unauthorized disclosure.
Tecnic is committed to taking adequate security measures to limit the risks associated with the inappropriate use or communication of personal information. Internally, only those employees who require your personal information to perform their work (including to provide you with Tecnic services and accomplish the other tasks described below) will be granted access to your personal information.

Tecnic will take the necessary reasonable measures to comply with the provisions of the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector with regards to the collection and use of confidential information, the consent associated with this type of information, and the presence of physical, organizational and electronic security measures.
Your personal information is stored on Tecnic’s servers, which are located in Québec. However, as further explained below, certain third parties to whom we may communicate your personal information have servers located outside of Québec, notably in the United States. As a result, your personal information could, when communicated to parties in these foreign jurisdictions, be less well protected by the latter’s applicable laws and be accessible to government or other public organizations with the requisite authority in such jurisdictions.

Your rights with regards to personal information: accuracy and access to personal records

Tecnic takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy, integrity and regular updates of the personal information it collects.

You can view your personal information on Tecnic’s self-service portal or by contacting the person in charge of the protection of personal information as indicated on the last page of this Privacy policy. Should your personal information be erroneous, you can make a number of modifications via the self-service portal or by contacting the person in charge of the protection of personal information as indicated on the last page of this Privacy policy. You will notably need to contact the latter for certain modifications that require you to identify yourself. Some personal information must notably be kept for legitimate business purposes (as described below) or when required by law.

Browsing data

The following data can be gathered and analyzed when you browse the Web site:
  • Pages consulted and the time spent viewing them while on the Web site;
  • IP address of your computer or other device; 
  • Type of device used (tablet, cellular phone, computer);
  • Geolocation data (city, country);
  • Type of browser and operating system.
​Whenever you carry out a transaction online (registration, payment, course scheduling, etc.) or in person, Tecnic must save certain personal information required to offer the requested services. The personal information gathered for this purpose includes your name, address, e-mail, date of birth and driver’s licence number. If a person subscribes to a Tecnic newsletter, we collect his name and e-mail address to enable the sending of various information; it is always possible to unsubscribe from these mailing lists at any time.

Gathering of personal information

The personal information collected by Tecnic, in addition to serving as expressly mentioned at the time it is gathered, is also used to:
  • Facilitate, improve and enable the use of services offered by Tecnic, particularly through the Web site;
  • Ensure the ongoing relevance of Tecnic’s Web site and services;
  • Evaluate, adapt and improve Tecnic’s Web site and services;
  • Identify your preferred language of communication;
  • Implement mechanisms for recovering forgotten or otherwise lost passwords;
  • Notify you of all potentially interesting facts or events, within the limits of Canada’s anti-spam legislation;
  • Make it possible for you to register for various Tecnic services.
In addition, the personal information Tecnic collects allows for evaluating and developing offers that are tailored to its users.


The Web site uses cookies to track certain aspects of visitor behaviour (e.g., number of visits, visit duration and pages and other elements viewed). A cookie is a text file installed on the Internet user’s hard drive at the request of the server that manages the Web site being visited. Cookies cannot collect or extract information from a user’s hard drive; they can solely obtain information on the browsing patterns of a user on a given Internet site. To avoid being tracked in this manner by cookies, you can modify the configuration of your browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). Your Internet browser is responsible for the management of cookies, given that it is the entity that receives orders from the server (save, record, control), based on the preferences you define. The browser can also prevent the saving of any cookies whatsoever.

Communication of personal information to third parties

Certain personal information may be shared between the Groupe Tecnic 2000 headquarters and Tecnic stores for the purpose of providing customers with services (e.g., registration, payment, record transfers) or to comply with legal requirements. Tecnic may also communicate your personal information, still for these same reasons, to service providers who require it to deliver their respective services to Tecnic. Some personal information is also provided to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), as required within the regulatory framework that governs the relationship between the SAAQ and Tecnic.

Tecnic can also share its customers’ personal information (name, mailing address, e-mail address and date of birth) with certain business partners, as indicated below:
  • BRP, for marketing purposes, and in the case of customers who registered for Tecnic services in conjunction with a promotion (price reduction) offered by this partner.
  • Fondation québécoise d’éducation en sécurité routière, as part of the registration process of foundation members.
  • Honda, for prize drawings organized by this third party.
Should you prefer that Tecnic does not share your personal information as described above, please contact your Tecnic branch.

Online transactions and security

Tecnic customers can pay for services at their branch or online, through their account. Tecnic has adopted security measures to protect you against the loss or unauthorized use of your personal information provided via the Web site, and more specifically, credit card information. Tecnic servers ensure the security of transmissions by relying on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. It should also be noted that the servers controlled by Tecnic do not save any credit card information; in fact, this data is transmitted to Tecnic’s partner in this regard. The details of their policy regarding the protection of personal information can be consulted here:

Consent and right to withdraw consent

By providing information to Tecnic, you consent to our collecting, using and communicating this personal information as per the provisions of this Privacy policy, as authorized or required by law.

Users may, at all times and contingent on legal and contractual obligations, exercise their right to withdraw consent. Withdrawing your consent could prevent Tecnic from providing you or continuing to provide you certain services or information. To exercise this right, contact your Tecnic branch or update your communication preferences in the self-service portal.

Links to other websites

The Web site may include links to other websites run by other businesses that are not necessarily suppliers of Tecnic services. You will essentially be leaving the Web site if you click on one of these links. Tecnic has no control over the activities of these websites, and Tecnic bears no responsibility whatsoever resulting of their being referenced on sites operated by Tecnic. As any personal information you transmit via such websites is governed by the privacy policy of these specific websites, we recommend that you carefully verify these policies.

Changes to the Policy

Tecnic reserves the right to modify its Privacy policy at any time.

Electronic messages

You can manage the parameters of your subscription to Tecnic’s electronic messages and mailings (or unsubscribe) by scrolling to the bottom of the e-mail (unsubscribe option) or by making changes to your communication preferences in the self-service portal.

Contact us

For any questions or to obtain further details regarding our privacy practices, or to comment, file a complaint or exercise a right available to you under applicable laws, please contact the Chief Technology Officer, as follows:

Groupe Tecnic 2000
1545, boul. Le Corbusier, # 66
Laval, QC  H7S 2K6
Tel.: 450 978-9500