Are you looking to hire a representative or driver?

Our Tecnic Avancée Division offers businesses an on-road driving evaluation that is as accurate as it is complete. This will ensure that you lend your vehicles to a trustworthy driver. It will also demonstrate to this driver the importance you give to road safety.

To obtain more information on our evaluation service, communicate with our business services.

Detail of on-road driving evaluation service

The basic cost of a personalized on-road driving evaluation is $99 for a one-hour session. The Tecnic school will use the company’s vehicle to reproduce the driver’s usual behaviour. At the end of the process, a complete evaluation report with recommendations will be given directly to the employer.

Driving evaluation for current employees

Note that the Tecnic driving evaluation is also offered to your current employees. For this evaluation, we use an on-road coaching approach, and submit a full report either to the employee or employer.

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