Do you want to take the mandatory driving course for a three-wheeled motorcycle (Can-Am 3 roues)?

The specialized instructors of Tecnic Driving Schools offer you safe training of the highest quality. Don’t hesitate! Register online or contact the Tecnic driving school nearest you right now!

Obligations and steps of the driving course

  1. Hold a Class 5 driver’s licence (automobile).
  2. Follow 3 hours of theoretical instruction (mandatory before starting practice sessions).
  3. Follow 4 hours of practice (2 hours in closed track and 2 hours on the road).
  4. Obtain a certificate marked “Successful” for the three-wheeled motorcycle course.
  5. Once the training is successfully completed, go to the SAAQ with your course certificate and have the Class 6E added on your driver’s licence.

Do you hold a Class 6A motorcycle licence?

Please note that Class 6A motorcycle licence holders are allowed to drive a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Driving outside of Quebec

If you plan to drive your three-wheeled motorcycle outside of Quebec, it is your responsibility to make sure that your 6E license is valid in the area where you want to drive it.

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