give our driving classes a charge with Tecnic and e-roule

We are proud to be part of the e-roule pilot project and to offer in-car training sessions in a fully electric car. So, while learning about the highway code and the same driving techniques, many of our students will also learn about driving electric and charging. Furthermore, this driving experience is offered at no extra cost!

List of participating Tecnic driving schools

It’s about fifteen Tecnic driving schools (see list below) that have been selected to participate in this project to promote the electrification of vehicles. Other Tecnic schools should be added in the coming months.

The advantages of learning to drive using an electric vehicle

Same price as a regular course

For the same price, the students of our participating branches will get the chance to take some or most of their in-car sessions with an electric vehicle. An amazing opportunity!

Reduce your environmental footprint

The students of our participating branches will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and learn how to drive eco-responsibly. An excellent way to help the planet!

High-tech vehicles

The futuristic dashboard display, silent engine, instant and steady acceleration, ultra-fast charging stations and other special features are super impressive.

To learn more about this project, click here.
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​Give your driving classes a charge with Tecnic and e-roule!

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