Do your employees know what’s new in the Highway Safety Code?

To make sure, the Tecnic Avancée Division offers you comprehensive and fully personalized updated training. This program focuses mainly on the specifics of the new SAAQ Highway Safety Program.
For more information about this training, contact our business services.

Details on the road safety update training

The cost of this training is $49 per participant for a group of six people minimum (a discount is applicable for 12 participants). This 3-hour interactive program will go through the exceptions found in the new Code by addressing the following topics:
  1. Signage
    • Human
    • Lines
    • Road signs
    • Lights
  2. Law
    • Criminal Code
    • Demerit points and fines
  3. Techniques
    • Blind spot
    • Right turn on red light
    • Priorities of turning on green light
    • Passing
    • School buses

Each participant will receive the “Mastering the Rules of the Road” manual, a value of $19.95.

*This course is only available in french.

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