The targeted risk perception evaluation program* is a state of the art behaviour prediction analysis tool designed to anticipate a driver’s risks in six fundamental proficiency areas.

From their computer or tablets, the candidates will be able to check their proficiency in the following areas:
  • Danger zones: on the road, at intersections, in parking areas, etc…
  • Managing space around a moving vehicle
  • Vision and anticipation
  • Attitude
  • Coping with other drivers
  • Speed management
Drivers are evaluated on their ability to anticipate dangerous situations, and answer questions on safe driving. Depending on their results, the candidates will be attributed specific remedial training modules that take into account the weaknesses detected in the evaluation process.

Key advantages

  • On average, this program leads to a 30% collision reduction.
  • This is a quick and easy method to identify higher risk drivers.
  • This is a proactive behaviour-based system that leads to individual driver targeted training.
  • A profitable and efficient way to allocate your training budget.

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