Teaching drivers to reduce their carbon footprint can be simple.

This program explains how to create fuel-saving opportunities with simple safe driving techniques.

Training sessions available*

  • How driving safely and defensively can conserve fuel, such as maintaining a safe following distance to brake gradually, or managing speed and space to avoid unnecessary braking and accelerating.   
  • Why needless accelerating and braking wastes gas and leads to harmful vehicle emissions, and how to increase fuel economy by adjusting driving habits.
  • Les principes de l’Écoconduite
  • How every driver can impact a fleet’s emissions simply by choosing the safest, most fuel-efficient route to avoid traffic, and by conducting regular vehicle and tire maintenance.
Note: The Eco-Friendly modules are available when you purchase a series of training sessions of our Virtual Defensive Driving Training Program.

For more information, please contact our division Tecnic avancée at 1 888 277-1137.

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