Granted, mechanical breakdowns aren’t as frequent as they used to be. Still, you might as well be ready for them.

We say that it always happens to someone else… Well, you’ll have what it takes to help them!
  1. Blankets: To keep warm in case of a breakdown, but also very practical if you must kneel in the snow to change a tire.
  2. Snow brooms, scrapers and shovels:: Igloos are nice as long as they aren’t on the road!
  3. Snow boots, gloves, and tuques: Cleaning a snow bank off your car isn’t too agreeable if you’re wearing your evening shoes.
  4. Booster cables: Check this tutorial to know what to do with them. It may be a lot faster than waiting for a tow truck on a -40 °C
  5. Candles (in a deep container) and matches can surprisingly warm up the inside of your car. Still, be careful not to set anything on fire…
  6. Flashlights: Make sure they’re working! Avoid surprises with crank models.
  7. Flares: Useful to signal your presence or attract attention.
  8. Windshield washer container. Get a new one when you’ve used up the old one.

If you often drive on isolated roads, you may need a few more items. Consult this page for additional recommendations.

Finally, avoid driving when conditions are dangerous (freezing rain, snow storms, etc.). You’ll avoid a lot of problems!

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