Take the road in a snowstorm

 Every year, the same story...

...at the first snowstorm, we hear on the news that dozens and dozens of motorists veered off the road.
And yet there is nothing different from one year to the next. Just as we are surprised by the return of the motorbikes in the spring and by the return of schoolchildren in the fall, the winter road conditions can easily outsmart us!

Take a head start by having your winter tires installed earlier in the season. No need to wait until the last day! The wear caused by a few more weeks on your winter tires will not reduce significantly the life of your tires. 

Better monitor their pressure during the winter, you will easily compensate for this wear and more!

How to react in case of skidding?
In case of skidding, it is important to avoid reacting too strongly and to always look in the direction where we want the vehicle to go. As the adhesion between the tires and the road is already compromised, any sudden maneuver with the accelerator, the brakes or the steering wheel would only worsen the situation.
Watch here a video showing with our skid simulator what are the maneuvers to be done.
In some areas, we offer closed-circuit skid control courses on board of our skid-simulator vehicle. The skidding induced by the simulator recreate the sensations of a loss of control at 100 km / h, but at low speed and in complete safety.  For further questions, address to your Tecnic branch!

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