What to do in case of skidding? Tecnic Driving Schools helps you answer this question.

Does winter give you the chills? Not because of the weather, but because of the stress you feel about winter driving?

Many people dread driving during winter and there’s no shame in that! These fears are often associated with the difficulty of controlling your vehicle when it skids. However, it is possible to develop techniques to control this situation and drive with confidence.

​What should you do in case of skidding?

You can take a curve too fast and black ice can quickly make you lose control. When driving in winterconditions and especially in a situation where you have lost control, you must avoid reacting impulsively. Instead, keep these practical tips in mind!
  1. Stay calm
    It can sometimes be difficult to keep your cool when you lose control, but staying calm can make the difference. By remaining clear-headed, you will be more alert and it will be easier for you to apply the right winter driving techniques.
  2. Look in the right direction
    Always remember to look toward your escape route. This way, you increase your chances of really controlling your car in the direction that you want to take.
  3. Leave the pedals alone
    Don’t touch the accelerator or the brake pedal. This can only worsen the situation. When you are skidding, try to reduce your speed smoothly instead. Accelerating and braking will not provide the desired effect.
  4. Avoid sudden movements
    In addition to limiting the use of the pedals, avoid making sudden movements with your steering wheel. The secret to regaining control is to carefully execute these techniques and stay calm.
  5. Steer in the opposite direction
    Most importantly, don’t follow your instinct! Turn your wheels in the opposite direction than the one you want to go, without braking. It’s not an instinctive reaction, but it can be useful when skidding. It’s a technique that it is important to practice, and a winter driving course can help you develop these types of reflexes.

Winter driving: A technique you can learn!

You might think that when you are skidding, it’s your vehicle that loses control. This is not entirely true. In fact, it’s often the driver who loses control of the vehicle, and it is possible to learn how to deal with this situation.

​A winter driving course can help you learn the right techniques and give you more confidence in your driving skills. In addition to improving your understanding of skidding, this type of course trains your reflexes and helps you to develop appropriate behaviours when you’re faced with dangerous road conditions.

Practice is the best way to feel comfortable when skidding and this is why training on a skid control simulator can be beneficial and even fun once you overcome your fear! This car is specially designed to simulate skidding during winter driving, making it possible for you to really experience how it feels in these situations, common to Quebec’s winter weather.

Finally, the most important thing is safety! Always think about it! Winter driving makes you nervous? Relax and get to know the right techniques. Skidding is a situation that can be under control!

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