My driving lessons take place even on the day of a snowstorm.

Turn on your TV set on a snowstorm day. What are they saying?

As they’re naming all the schools that have closed for the day, reporters are insisting for you to stay home and avoid driving at all costs.

Then why is Tecnic not cancelling its driving lessons?

One day you’ll have to deal with adverse driving conditions…and there’s no doubt that the best way to learn how to cope with these conditions is with a driving instructor.

Our instructors are professionals who are equipped to teach you good driving techniques and give you appropriate advice.

On the other hand, the government program makes it mandatory for you to take a minimum of one training session in winter conditions.

Lessons taken in adverse winter conditions will give you the opportunity to use techniques you’ll have learnt in the classroom and practice controlling your vehicle on slippery surfaces. Don’t worry. We have your safety at heart. Your car instructor will make sure that the itinerary you follow and the exercises you’re put through are well adapted to the road conditions. The goal is to make you enjoy winter driving and not to take useless chances.

What should you do on a stormy day?

Show up on time at a given appointment. Should conditions be so bad that your lesson had to be cancelled the school would communicate with you early enough.

​Good to know…

Were you aware of the fact, that in some of the Tecnic Network outlets, skid control courses are offered? Click on Skid control or inquire at your school.

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