Your teenager wants his driving licence and you want him to pay a part of his driving course fees

 It’s the perfect situation to help your teen become more independent by explaining him how to manage his money. 

Talk about money 

A driving course is one of the first big investments in your teenager’s life so it’s a good time to help him understand those new concepts. 

You are a trustworthy resource for your teen so don’t be afraid to explain to him how to pay his course. You don’t have to be an economic expert to guide him in the right direction. 

Help him set his budget

Accompanying your student driver on the road is not the only way to help him get his driver’s licence! For instance, you can help him calculate how much money he’s going to need to save to pay his share of the driving course fees. 

This way, you’ll be able to discuss with him what he can do to achieve his goal. There are a lot of ways for him to find the money needed such as:
  • finding a part-time job;
  • selling some unused stuff;
  • using the Tecnic gift card you gave him;
  • helping with household chores;
  • doing his own lunches;
  • buying second-hand items;
  • or finding free activities to do with his friends.

Guide him in his job search 

Taking a driving course often comes about the same time your teenager will get his first part-time job or a summer job.

The first paychecks are exciting as they are a rite passage to adulthood. It’s really tempting to spend it all without putting aside some of the income. 

Sit with your teenager and explain how important it is to develop the reflex of saving some of his wage for big expenses, like his driving course fees. 


Show him a car’s real cost

Obtaining his driver’s licence and buying a car (or driving the family car) have a cost. You can explain to your teenager that driving a car also comes with other costs such as:
  • his car insurance;
  • the maintenance and repairing fees of his car;
  • his gas;
  • his car plate;
  • his driver’s licence;
  • etc.

These need to be part of his budget. It’s wise to use the driving course fees as a way to talk to your teenager about money. This way, you can help him have both his hands on the wheel… in his car and in his life!

Now that you know which tools he needs to pay his driving course, you can help him register to his course. 

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