Come on! We think about the environment and wash our cars in an environmentally friendly way.

It is normal to want a clean car. But it’s also good not to pollute the environment just so your vehicle shine.

Washing your car using a garden hose can easily take 100 litres of water, and sometimes even more. It's huge! In addition, all polluting residues (dust from brakes, tires, etc.) are found in the sewer. Not to mention that traditional cleaning products are not environmentally friendly.

There are solutions!

  • The easiest solution: Go to the car wash! Most modern car washes recover wash water and must treat it by removing many of the pollutants before discharging it into the sewer. However, plenty of water is used.
  • Change traditional detergents to phosphate-free and biodegradable cleaners. However, this still does not reduce water consumption.
  • The next step is to reduce the number of times you wash your car with water. It does not mean you should ride with a dirty vehicle! A Quebec company manufactures waterless car wash products. There is a Quebec company that manufactures products designed to wash your car without water. Unless your car is really very dirty, it is not necessary to get the whole car wet with each wash.
Good cleaning!

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