The process is actually a lot faster than most people think.

As the days quickly warm up, people are hankering to spend time outdoors. The sense of freedom that driving a three-wheeled motorcycle procures is a welcome break from our hectic lives and the hardships that often result from limited social contacts and widespread restrictions.

Driving a three-wheeled motorcycle requires a class 6E licence, but no need to worry! If you already have a regular drive’s licence (i.e., for motor vehicles), getting this additional class is easy-breezy. And in fact, unlike most other licence classes, there are no waiting periods between the required steps.
  1. Begin by enrolling in the mandatory training at the nearest Tecnic driving school. The first part of the program consists of three hours of theoretical courses. This is followed by four additional hours of training, this time on a closed circuit track and then, on the road! You’ll learn how to handle a three-wheeled motorcycle, including how to react in the event of an emergency, all of it in a secure and controlled environment.

    During this portion of the course, you can either ride your own three-wheeled motorcycle or rent one from Tecnic (if the school you choose offers rental services). Once you’ve successfully completed these two steps, you’ll receive a certificate of course completion.
  2. Go to the nearest SAAQ point of service with this certificate to have the 6E class added to your driver’s licence. Once this is done, you can legally drive a three-wheeled motorcycle on public roads. 
  3. Ready for an adventure? Chart out your route and don’t forget to pack a lunch! We strongly urge you to read up on the region you’re planning to visit so that you’re aware of the public safety measures in force.
And one last thing: while three-wheeled motorcycles are safer than conventional motorcycles (with less of a risk of falling over), don’t forget to wear appropriate protective equipment and garments. Learn more here.

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