You may have noticed that a lot of drivers don't react the proper way when there is a stopped vehicle on the highway shoulder.

By reflex, you'll tend to look at what attracts your attention - for example, flashing lights in the road shoulder. If you keep fixing on them, you’ll get closer and closer to the stopped vehicle(s). Move your eyes and get out of the way, now!

The purpose of safety corridor is to avoid cars hitting immobilized vehicles on the shoulder or a driver leaving his vehicle.

Failure to respect the safety corridor can land you a $300 fine plus four demerit points.

The right thing to do

Slow down (this is mandatory) and drive away from immobilized vehicles by changing lane when possible. Remember, you have to be as far as possible!

Click here to see the maneuver on video.

Immobilized vehicles on the shoulder will not distract you if you are accustomed to looking far ahead and if you keep enough distance with the vehicle in front of you (2 seconds).

Do not wait until the last minute to slow down or change lane. The earlier you do it, the easier it is.

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