Keeping a distance between you and other vehicles ensures safety.

Have you ever been a passenger in a vehicle that follows another car too closely? It is stressful, right?

So don’t do it! Not only for your passengers to be more relaxed, but also for your safety.
And also to keep your car front bumper in one piece...

To be safe, drive at the same speed than the surrounding traffic, while respecting speed limits. Also keep enough space to see what’s going on in front of you, and to have time to react.
Calculate the required distance using the two-second rule (P.17).
Know that even though you drive skillfully, have a high-performance car and sharp reflexes, it still applies.

Experts agree that a good driver has a reaction time of about one second. So, if you drive at 50 km/h, this means that your reaction time equals the length of three cars.
When you follow too closely, the only result you get is to make your passengers and other drivers nervous. You know very well that it will not go faster!
Did you know that you can receive a ticket for following at an unsafe distance?
In addition to the fine is two demerit points.
The moral of the story: Keep your distance!


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