Information on the skid control driving course.
Like it or not, winter skidding may be unavoidable.

Most of the time it’s possible to regain control of a skidding car if you respect two basic rules:
  • Look where you want to go : Even if your eyes are instinctively attracted by the very things you have to avoid (ditches, hydro poles or oncoming traffic …), aim at your exit. In other words, look at where your car can make it through.
  • Don’t brake! Braking won’t help when skidding – actually the loss of control will be increased.
Practicing on the road is certainly not the place to learn! That’s why Tecnic offers skid control courses all winter long in the Laval and Longueuil areas.

Our simulator – the only one of its kind in Québec – allows duplicating all types of skidding within a perfectly safe environment.

Should you be adventurous or worried, novice or experienced, this training provides you with the necessary tools to regain control of your car when it aims in the wrong direction.

Program includes: front wheel, rear wheel and 4-wheel skidding as well as obstacle avoidance. You’ll be more confident when confronted with these situations. As a bonus, you’ll get a proficiency certificate that you can present to your insurance company!

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Tecnic.


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