Talking about safe driving with a teenager

When your teen starts his driving course, it's normal to be worried about behavior that could endanger him while driving?

Here are different elements to take into consideration if you want to tackle this issue with him.

Take a moment to talk about the issues

​A real conversation about safe driving cannot happen in a few minutes. Plan ahead and set aside enough time to talk about this with your teenager. This will let you talk about the issues and create a dialogue that will give better results.

Of course, you can discuss this informally - for example when accompanying your teen to his driving course. However, this does not replace a thorough discussion of the matter.

Explain without judging         

It's easy to become judgmental with subjects like speeding or drinking when driving, but you must not become too emotional.

When addressing these issues, the goal is to expose potential risks. If you remain calm and rational, you have a greater chance of having your teen think about the consequences of his actions than by confronting him.

Be attentive

It's possible that your teenager is not aware of the same dangers that you are. Listen carefully to how he sees things before you react. This is the best way to understand his behavior and those of his friends.

Set a good example

The best way to help your teenager be safe on the road is to set the right example. If you yourself follow the speed limits or always fasten your seatbelt, your future driver learns to make the right choices.

In other words, if you want to influence your teenager in the right direction, drive in a safe and responsible way. By setting a good example, you will help him pass his driving course and obtain his learner’s licence.  

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