Have you been thinking a long time about getting your motorcycle license?  Do you lack information and believe that taking a motorcycle driving course requires too much time?

Knowing the steps needed to obtain your motorcycle driver’s licence makes it easier than you think. See how to get your license in 6 steps.

1. Preparing for the knowledge test           

Although no course is required to attend the exam, preparation is crucial to your success.  Despite years of experience driving a car, riding a motorcycle is very specific and requires mastering new concepts. You don’t have enough time to prepare? No problem, our school puts at your disposal all the required tools to help ease the task: preparation course for the SAAQ knowledge test and online training, both exclusive to Tecnic, and our online practice exam.
Determine your schedule and do it at your own pace.

 2. Taking the knowledge test

Duration: 1 hour

Upon successfully completing the knowledge test, you can now ride a motorcycle!  But beware, this license allows you to only ride during a practical training course supervised by a recognized school.

3. Following the mandatory course modules

Duration: 32 hours – minimum 30 days

You now have your 6R learner’s licence! You need to prove yourself and learn the driving techniques before setting out on the road.  In Québec, some courses are mandatory before signing up for the final exam.
Training Details
- Theory to prepare for driving on a closed track  (three hours) - The theoretical course must be completed before starting a practical course.
- Practical training on a closed track (16 hours: four 4-hour sessions)
- Theory to prepare for on-road riding  (three hours) - The theoretical course must be completed before starting a practical course.
- On-road practice  (10 hours: five 2-hour sessions)  

4. Successfully taking the closed track road test

Duration: 30 minutes 

7 Basic manoeuvres are evaluated during this test. This is the final step before practicing on-road riding with an accompanying driver. Here is an example of the track road test

5. Practicing on-road riding

Duration: For a minimum period of 11 months

You have obtained your 6A learner’s licence! It’s time for some on-road practice. Of course, some rules apply. You are no longer required to be accompanied by an experienced motorcyclist. However, you must respect a curfew prohibiting you from driving a motorcycle between midnight and 5 a.m. You are also prohibited from carrying passengers.

6. Taking your final exam and being free on the roads

Duration: 1 hour

After several months of riding, you can finally obtain your regular license! The final step is to take the road test, which simulates regular riding. Are you ready? Before taking the exam, our school suggests a preparation course (optional, but highly recommended after the long winter break). According to your needs, a revision of certain manoeuvres and techniques will be carried out as well as a simulation of the examination.

There now! It will have only have taken you a few months to get ready to discover the most beautiful roads on a motorcycle! Wait no longer! Start your training now.

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