Your teenager just turned 14 and wants to take a moped driving course.

You probably want to know more about it. Here are the steps your teen needs to follow before obtaining a scooter licence.

1. Take the theoretical class

Before driving a moped for the first time, your future driver will have to take a three-hour theoretical class. This course will give him the basics required to drive and obey the Highway Code. After this course, your teen will be ready for the practical closed track course and the SAAQ knowledge test.

2. Take the practical closed track course

The three-hour practical closed track course is the moment when your teenager will finally practice driving a scooter. He will learn the different maneuvers needed to drive safely. At the end of this course, your tean will be in control of his moped. Our experienced instructors will help him to improve his weak points, if necessary. It's the last step before we evaluate your teen.

3. Pass the Tecnic practical evaluation

The last 30 minutes of the practical closed track course is a test evaluating your teenager's driving ability. This part focuses on the different maneuvers your teenager needs to do on a moped to be safe on the road. By passing this test, your teen demonstrates that he is almost ready to take his scooter on the road.

4. Pass the SAAQ knowledge test

The SAAQ knowledge test verifies your teenager’s readiness to share the road. To pass, your teen will only need to use what he has learned in his moped course!
Your teen will also need :
  • written parental authorization;
  • original of 2 of the following documents: birth certificate, Canadian citizenship certificate, passport, or health insurance card.
  • certificate from his Tecnic Driving School;
  • amount required to pay the SAAQ licence fee. 
One thing is certain: your teenager will be ready to drive on the road after going through all the steps. All that’s left for him to do is to register for the moped course and to become a safe driver!

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