Cellular driving. It's dangerous and illegal.

Learn what are the greatest distractions while driving our car.


It affects our ability to concentrate a lot more than it is usually admitted. If not, why do we lower the volume when we search for an address or when driving conditions get more difficult?
To be on the safe side, we should maintain a volume that does not prevent us from hearing what is going on around us.

Cell phone…

We all know it, cell phones are distracting us. Using one as we drive is prohibited, even if it is just to check the time, or when we are immobilised at a red light!

If our eyes are not focusing on the road for 4 to 6 seconds, at 90 KPH, we will have driven the length of a football field without seeing anything on the road. That should definitely worry us!

…and of course, texting

According to a SAAQ  survey, 99 % of Quebecers consider that texting at the wheel is dangerous. And yet, 56 % admit being unable to resist reading a message while 22 % admit answering it immediately.

Avoid the temptation altogether by downloading the SAAQ  « Focus Mode mobile app » which will block your incoming calls, deactivate notifications and automatically send a text message to your callers.

To conclude

A driver is confronted by so many distractions such as: eating, smoking, putting on make-up, shaving, discussing with a passenger, etc. Even if the list is endless, a good driver must do everything he can to remain concentrated on his task in spite of all these temptations!

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