What to do to pass the SAAQ theory exam for the motorcycle?

Have you been dreaming of riding a motorcycle?

Do you already see yourself behind the windshield, cutting through the wind as you cruise along Quebec’s roads? Before you get to enjoy these simple pleasures, you must acquire a Class 6 driver’s licence from the SAAQ. The first step is to pass the SAAQ motorcycle knowledge test.


Even though the theoretical classes are not mandatory, it is very important to be well-prepared in order to succeed. Whether you have any experience driving a car or not, there are plenty of specific motorcycle-related concepts that you must fully understand to obtain your license.

Here are the best ways you can prepare for the test:
  1. Theoretical Classes

    The book, Operating a Motorcycle, is the basis of our highly instructive three-hour theoretical course. Even though it is optional, this course allows you to take advantage of the experience and guidance of our certified instructors who are accomplished motorcyclists. This way, you put all the odds in your favour to succeed on your motorcycle knowledge test.
  2. E-Learning

    With our e-learning, a proprietary product of Tecnic driving schools, you can also practice without leaving the comfort of your home (only available in French). Besides fully reviewing the various motorcycle driving manoeuvres, you will also have access to a series of preparatory questions that will assist you throughout the whole process.
  3. Online Preparatory Test

    After adequate practice, the best revision tool at your disposal is our online preparatory test, which is similar to the SAAQ test. This will help you optimize your preparation and become more familiar with the types of questions found in the exam.
  4. Relax and Take Your Time

    The questions asked in the SAAQ knowledge test are often worded in such a way that there seems to be several good answers. This is why it is important to take your time to read the questions and keep your focus. Take a deep breath and stay alert. You will have one hour to complete the exam, so there is no hurry.

    In order to be well-prepared for the SAAQ knowledge test, it is important to practice as much as you can, either with the theoretical classes or the online tests, and take your time when the moment comes. As you follow these guidelines, you will maximize your chances of succeeding and you will have all you need to one day skillfully and safely ride a motorcycle!

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