Improvement course for Senior Drivers

After driving for decades, your Driver’s Licence is the symbol of your freedom. 

Unfortunately, one can’t ignore the fact that driving skills may decrease with aging.​
Throughout the years you’ve experienced major driving changes: the cars you’ve driven, numerous changes in road designs, traffic density, as well as rules and laws.

Risks are Real

Furthermore, statistics show that senior drivers are more prone to suffer fatal injuries in a collision.

In fact, seniors suffer more fatalities than injuries as a result of a collision. (SAAQ, 2014 Road Safety Record) This makes one wonder!

A great number of collisions where seniors are involved occur in favourable conditions: Daytime, excellent visibility and good dry roads. Choosing to drive only in good conditions isn’t a guarantee against risks.

Go on Driving Safely

Update your knowledge and skills with Tecnic instructors who have been trained with safe, cooperative and responsible driving in mind.

Tecnic offers refresher courses tailored to your needs that’ll allow you to drive safely as long as possible.

We also offer training on adapted vehicles to allow you to get back to driving even though you’re affected by certain physical limitations.

Our goal is to allow you to keep your freedom to drive as long as it’s safe to do so.

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