4 things to make sure you have in your vehicle before the cold hits! 

With winter nearly upon us, you may already be running on your winter tires. If not .... time to get to it! The deadline for installing winter tires in Québec is December 1st of each year. And while you’re at it, why not double-check to make sure you have all the equipment you need in your vehicle to get through the winter season without having to scratch the ice off your windshield with your bare hands at the first snowfall...
In addition to the essential items that everyone should have in their vehicle at all times, we strongly recommend adding these to the list before winter:
  1. A snow brush and a scraper. First off, because removing the snow from your vehicle with your sleeve is not the best solution! Always take the time to fully remove all of the snow and ice from the outside of your vehicle before you head out. Reminder: drivers whose car resembles a “mobile igloo” can be fined...
  2. A small shovel. How many times were you ready to head out for the day, only to see the snow plow arrive and literally push most of the snow from your street in front of your vehicle? Whatever the reason, it’s always easier to shovel a small path than to stay stuck in a snowbank.
  3. Salt or other abrasive material. Always keep a bag of de-icing salt or sand in your vehicle. You’ll be thankful that you did when you find yourself immobilized on a patch of ice or sleet!
  4. Windshield washer fluid - lots of it! Not only should you have extra windshield washer fluid in your vehicle at all times, but you should also make sure your windshield washer fluid reservoir is full. You can never be too safe! And let’s admit that no one wants to find themselves without a drop of windshield washer fluid when travelling on a lonely stretch of highway.
In light of the current situation (COVID-19), we also suggest that you keep a spare mask or other face covering in your vehicle at all times.
Oh, and did we mention that you should adjust your driving to winter conditions? Read earlier articles on this very topic:

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