Be careful in the presence of school bus.

Do you yield easily to pressure?

I have seen far too often motorists crossing a stopped bus with flashing red lights simply because the driver behind them has been lost patience and honked.

The law is clear on this: the only time you can cross a school bus with flashing red lights is when a physical separation is present between you and the bus, for example a median strip or fence.

If the bus is stopped at an intersection, you should not cross the intersection, whether you cross the bus or not. Students may have to walk across it.

There is no excuse for not stopping. Even if children are getting in and not off the bus. Even if children do not have to cross the street. Even if you are in a hurry.

Is it really awful to be honked at by an impatient driver or to arrive 30 seconds late to your destination?

​Think about it, these are tiny inconveniences compared to a fine, or much worse.

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