Discover original gift ideas for a new driver

The Holidays are coming! You are wondering what kind of gift you should buy to highlight your teenager’s debut as a driver?

Here are some ideas for practical and fun gifts.

A way to listen to his music

This gift can take different shapes, depending on what type of car your teenager has. If it’s quite new, his phone might connect directly to Bluetooth or only need an auxiliary input wire. But if it’s an older car, he might need an FM transmitter or worse, a car audio cassette adapter. (Yes, these still actually exist!).  

A key or car locator

If your new driver is a little lost or clumsy at times, a key locator or a car locator can be a great gift. Both could help your teenager avoid long hours of looking for his keys or car!


An Emergency Kit

A lot of drivers do not have an emergency kit in their car. It’s a good idea to give one to your teenager as a gift. It’s also a gift to yourself because you will know your teen is safer. Also think of giving him a warm blanket in case of a breakdown during winter, a folding traction aid and, a small shovel.

A sports equipment support rack         

If your teenager is a snowboard, bike or kayak enthusiast, a support rack is the perfect gift. It will also make you look like a cool parent, which is another advantage!

A subscription to a carpooling or a car sharing service

If you really want your gift to be original, consider registering your teenager in a carpooling or a car sharing service. Among the several services of this type offered, Communauto or Amigo Express comes to mind. Be sure to look for alternatives that might fit your new driver’s needs best. This could help him save money by sharing the service.

A used car

If your teen constantly needs to borrow your car, it could be time to buy him a used one. It will help him become more independent, and you will be able to use your car whenever you want. It’s a win-win!

A gift is a great way to highlight this important step in your new driver’s life. Several used cars are still in very good condition. But no matter what you choose, it’s the thought that counts!

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