Obtaining your probationary licence is your last step before being able to drive alone. 

Here are 5 tips to help you pass your SAAQ knowledge and road tests without stress!

1. Prepare yourself for your tests instead of watching Netflix

It’s always tempting to lie down and watch the latest series everyone talks about after a long week.

But this won’t help you get your probationary licence!

The best way to avoid stress is to study and practice during the months before your SAAQ knowledge and road tests. This way, you won’t struggle in the last few weeks because you need to learn too many things in a short period of time.

It’s also a good thing to schedule your test early. This way, you can rent a Tecnic car, if need be. Also make you sure have all your papers long before your test.

2. Don’t use coffee to fight lack of sleep

Lacking sleep is never a good thing, but it’s even worse when you have to drive a car. If there is a moment you need total concentration, it’s driving on the road!

And coffee is not the solution to tiredness! It might wake you up a little, but there is a chance you will be even more stressed, which might interfere with how much you learn. And you want to learn your best to get your probationary licence.

And don’t even think about drinking coffee while driving!

3. Don’t practice on the highway during rush hour

If you want to practice on the highway, don’t go during rush hour … unless you want to train your patience and stress tolerance.

Obviously, you will eventually need to drive in stressful conditions. But wait before you are confident enough to do it.

Try to choose places and times that will let you practice at your own pace, without stress. If you want to practice your winter driving, try in a vacant parking first, to get the feel of your car on the snow and ice.

Also, always choose an accompanying driver that you trust and who is patient and experienced. This will help you a lot in your efforts towards your probationary licence.

4. Be realistic about your driving skills

You are not better or worse than the other students who try to get their probationary licence. So don’t worry, it’s normal to not be perfect! That’s why you have instructors, family and friends to help you through your driving course.

On the contrary, if learning to drive feels easy for you, don’t think you are in full control  yet. It takes some time to learn how to react to everything the road can throw at you. Experienced drivers still learn new things, and so will you.

5. Fully mute your phone on the road

You already know that cell phones and driving are a no go. But you probably don’t suspect the stress of hearing a notification and not being able to look at it or reply.

Be wise and mute your phone when you are on the road. You’ll have more concentration, which will help you be safer and learn faster for your probationary licence.

Your crush can wait for your answer. We all know you won’t answer right away to show you don’t care that much anyway.

So, if you want to avoid being stressed about your probationary licence, it’s quite simple. Be sure to work hard on your knowledge and skills, be realistic about your progression and always be aware of how to reduce distractions on the road.

You can also consult this link to learn more about how to get your probationary licence.

Everything is less stressful when you know how to do it!

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