Summer road trip, is your car ready?

Below are four simple verifications to prevent problems down the road...

While it might seem odd, summer is actually the time of year that is hardest on your vehicle. Your engine overheats or you blow a tire? No worries! These types of problems can usually be avoided by doing all the necessary maintenance on your vehicle, including the following checks:
  1. Verify tire pressure (and adjust if necessary).
  2. Check the condition of your tires.
  3. Check the degree of wear and condition of your windshield wipers.
  4. Visually inspect the level of the various liquids in your vehicle.

Verify tire pressure (and adjust if necessary).

Regularly checking tire pressure is important, and never more so than before heading out on a long road trip. An underinflated tire will not only require that you fill up on gas more often, but it can also overheat and explode! Watch this tutorial.

Oh, and while you are at it, why not also check the condition of your tires?

Worn or damaged tires can be hazardous, leaving you at greater risk of getting a flat. Here are 3 easy ways to check the condition of your tires.

Are your wipers working as well as they should?

Streaks on the windshield or wipers that are literally disintegrating are sure signs that they need to be replaced! Wipers usually need to be changed once a year. Doing so will only take a few minutes, but will bring you peace of mind by providing you with a better and safer view, especially in bad weather!

Visually inspect the level of various liquids. Open up the hood!

Many of your vehicle’s mechanical parts rely on different liquids to stay cool or lubricated or in some cases, to work as they should! Rely on your owner’s manual to learn which liquids you should check.

If these checks seem daunting, we recommend you ask your local garage to give you a hand. These verifications can be performed in a jiffy (a few minutes at most) and could save you many a problem down the road.

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