6 tips to help you pass the SAAQ exams

It’s been a year since you began your driving courses and the SAAQ exams are just around the corner. And odds are that just thinking about them is stressful!

But don’t worry; this type of anxiety is perfectly normal and affects pretty much everyone. Below are a few tips to help you stay calm as you prepare for and write the SAAQ exams.
  1. Practice, practice and then, practice some more! Regardless of the type of exam, you must prepare yourself. For the theoretical portion, review your course workbooks and simulate responding to various questions that could be on the knowledge test. As for the road test, make sure you’ve practiced and mastered all of the maneuvers taught. 

    The driving examiner will have you face as many situations as possible during the road test, with the expectation that you’ll drive safely in all of these scenarios. Note that if you find certain maneuvers scary, it may be a sign that you should continue practicing. If necessary, you can always take driver improvement/refresher courses.
  2. Focus on the moment. Avoid trying to figure out how many questions are left (in other words, how many opportunities there may still be for you to give a wrong answer) or if a certain mistake during the practical test will result in your failing to pass the exam.
    The best strategy? Take it one step at a time. During the knowledge test, stay laser-focused on the question in front of you. As long as the questions keep coming, all is good. During the road test, concentrate on the maneuver you’re making at a given time and on the decisions you must make. As long as you stay safe, all is good.
  3. Take steps to reduce the “social” pressure. Don’t feel obligated to post on all of your social media accounts that you’re about to take your driving exams. Or that you have an exciting road trip coming up shortly thereafter! Why not be discreet? It’s a lot more satisfying to announce that you have your driver’s licence once all is said and done than to find yourself explaining why you failed the exams, over and over and over.
  4. Get rid of all distractions. It goes without saying that your telephone must be turned off. Better still, leave it with the person who’s accompanying you instead of bringing it along (trust us when we say you won’t need it).

    If you haven’t already done so, the driving examiner will ask you to shut off the GPS, radio/music and multimedia player functions before you hit the road. Eliminating these distractions is important; you’ll need to be fully concentrated on driving during the exam.
  5. Prepare your paperwork ahead of time. Because there are already enough things for you to be anxious about, avoid having to look for your paperwork mere minutes before the exam.
    Gather up all of the necessary documents - certificate included - well before the big moment, so as to have enough time to find anything you might be missing.
  6. Give some thought to renting a vehicle (as the case may be). If you take the test with your own vehicle, it must be in tip-top shape. The examiner will inspect it and can refuse to give you the exam if it doesn't meet accepted standards.

    Renting a vehicle can take away some of this stress, as the vehicle you’ll drive during your test will already have been inspected and found compliant. If you rent from the driving school, you’ll be tested in the same type of vehicle used during the courses. This familiarity can be very reassuring! Inquire at your driving school!
​In closing, we know that a driving exam is never a pleasant thing. Hopefully, the tips we’ve provided above will increase your chances of success by limiting the stress associated with the SAAQ exams.

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