Some tips for organizing a great motorcycle vacation

It's finally time to realize your dream of going on a long-distance vacation on your motorcycle. 

Here are some tips that will help you have the best trip of your life!

Plan your itinerary… but not too much

Take some time before your trip to plan where you are going to eat and sleep. Don't be too ambitious, though, because driving a motorcycle is a lot harder than driving a car.
Be sure to take some breaks during the day to keep your energy level and concentration high. Also, be sure to have some free time to eat, drink or refill the tank when needed.
And most importantly, don’t forget the reason you are doing it: fun. If you see a landmark that seems interesting, stop. The goal of your trip should always be to discover new things. It would a shame not to explore because you are too busy to take the time.

Protect yourself from bad weather 

If you are driving your motorcycle on long-distance trips, you will at some point need to deal with bad weather. Buy yourself clothes that will protect you from the cold and rain. You should also install a windshield to be less exposed to wind.
Another tip: Never take the weather forecast for granted. You never, know what can happen with the weather while you are on the road. 
Pack your bag with care

If you are going on a multiple-day motorcycle trip, you will need to bring some luggage. If your bike does not have storage room, you might want to install some. There are a lot of models on the market so you should find one that fits your needs. Be aware that a backpack will probably not be suitable. 
Food, water, cash, tools, phone charger… there are a lot of things that you need to take on vacation. Try to think about everything that can happen during your trip and plan accordingly.
Even though the most important thing to do for a pleasant motorcycle trip is to be prepared, if you are able to accept some surprises (good or bad), you will have a lot of fun collecting anecdotes on the road!

Make sure your bike is in good condition

The first thing you should do before even considering going on vacation is have a maintenance check on your bike. Mechanical problems are never a good thing but you don't want them to happen when you are 500 kilometers from home.
So if you don't want your motorcycle trip to become a bad comedy script, never use a motorcycle in poor condition. 

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