Six incredibly useful applications!

With most recent vehicles allowing a connection to CarPlay and Android Auto, using our mobile phones on the road has never been easier or safer. But beware! Even if your telephone is connected to your vehicle’s entertainment and information system, it can still prove to be a major distraction. We recommend configuring it before getting behind the wheel or only using it when parked in a safe spot.
Here’s a list of our favourite apps:

Waze: Waze, which offers real-time driving directions, is also a community of users (passengers only) who can share live information about traffic accidents, debris or other objects on the road.
[App Store] [Google Play]

GasBuddy: What could be more frustrating than filling up your gas tank, only to stumble upon a gas station just a few kilometres further down the road where the pump price is oh-so much cheaper? This application lets users check out gas prices near them, based on the data provided by other users.
[App Store] [Google Play]

Did you take the leap to electric? Similar to GasBuddy, the application Circuit Électrique allows for finding charging stations close by (in Québec), sorting them based on cost or charging capacity and checking out where there are open spots for you to boost your batter. The app can also be used to plan a trip by considering your vehicle’s autonomy and how often and when you will need to charge your battery.
[App Store] [Google Play]

Parkopedia: Rather than endlessly turning around in circles, looking for a parking spot, this application allows you to quickly find parking spaces and for some of these, provides you information on the number of available spaces and rates.
[App Store] [Google Play]

Did you park your car in a metered space? If you're in Montréal, you can download P Service Mobile [App Store] [Google Play] and if in Québec City, Copilote [App Store] [Google Play] to remotely pay for your parking and if necessary, buy more time.
We hope that the articles in this blog will make your driving experience just a wee bit easier, whether it be when you’re looking to fill up your tank at the best price, find a charging station for your electric vehicle, learn more about the availability of parking spots, or just make your way from point A to point B. Needless to say, these apps will more often than not be incredibly helpful! Just remember - plan ahead of time, to obtain all of the information you need, or park in a safe place to use the apps.

Drive safe!

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