How to show common courtesy on the road

Here are a few tricks to share the road safely and display courtesy.

Did you just get your probationary licence? Congratulations, it’s the start of a new adventure! But it also comes with certain responsibilities. 

Don't Get Angry with Other Drivers

Let’s be honest, at one time or another we’ve all been irritated by another driver and have wanted to let them know clearly and forcefully … but don’t do it! No one is immune to mistakes. Like the time you cut off someone without wanting to… or veered off your lane unintentionally…

“Rude” gestures can make a driver aggressive or nervous leading him to make mistakes. When playing a sport, would you like your teammate to get so overly stressed or angry with you that they trip when attempting to make a goal? Probably not!

Thank Courteous Drivers

If another driver lets you pass or is kind to you, thank him with a wave. This is an excellent way to encourage good behavior and helps to make a better day for everyone.

Learn to look ahead!

No need to become a clairvoyant to anticipate what will happen in the future. All you need to do is use your judgment and be alert. For example, leaving for your destination ahead of time limits stress and makes it easier to focus on driving.

Here are a few tricks for a safer drive :
  • When someone passes you, slow down slightly so the maneuver will be carried out more rapidly.
  • Anticipate lane changes and intersections where you will turn. You will be able to signal your intentions beforehand to other drivers.
  • When passing another vehicle, avoid being in too much of a hurry and cutting them off.
  • Don’t tailgate. Besides causing accidents, braking suddenly can cause a huge traffic jam behind you.

Avoid speeding and other high risk situations

While driving, you must be entirely focused.  Speeding, being overly tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs greatly increases the likelihood of you being in an accident and for others.

As for distractions, a “designated texter” is a good option for keeping your eyes on the road and still answering your friends. However, make sure they know how to use the right emoji’s!                                                       

Besides cell phones, other sources of distractions exist that can affect your driving. To know more, consult the SAAQ article on distractions.

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