At the wheel, in his car, the cell phone must be stowed away.

You have installed a phone holder in your vehicle to be able to keep an eye on the incoming calls while you are driving. Bad idea!

How can I stop being distracted by my cell phone? Like the majority of drivers, you probably have a cell phone! 

I am sure you have lived this experience at least once… Your phone lights up or makes a sound and your eyes look toward your phone to check who is calling or texting. Even with all your good will and your driving skills, it only takes a couple of seconds for this situation to turn into a road accident.

Limit the distractions: first step to success…

​We will agree, it is very convenient to use the GPS application of your cell to be guided on the road. However, you can set the guiding system on your phone to block all notifications while the vehicle is in motion to limit distractions.

A simple task that could save your life.

Many cell phones have a “do not disturb mode”. Use it! If not, you can install an application that blocks text messages and incoming calls, like "Mode conduite".

Even better: Don't use it.

The best option is and will always be to put your cell phone away......

... If you think that you cannot resist a call or a text, place it in an area where you cannot reach it while driving. For example, in the glove compartment or in the seat pocket behind you.

​During a trip, take a few breaks from driving to stretch your legs and reconnect with the world!

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