Watch out for costumed children on Halloween night. Superior vigilance is required.

In a few weeks from now, monsters, princesses, superheroes, and animals will be invading the streets in search of candies, chills and thrills…

How can you make sure they’re safe?
​Here are three ways to make sure that their outing doesn’t become a horror story.

1. Avoid driving in residential districts between 4:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

This happens to be the period where children are the most numerous on the street. You’re probably familiar with the busiest streets of your neighbourhood. As much as possible, avoid driving there. Use less frequented streets even if that slightly increases the length of your drive.

2. Drive SL…OW…LY!

Remember that these little monsters may be quite unpredictable. In the frenzy of the moment, (for example: If a skeleton springs out from behind a bush…) they may forget the most elementary safety rules!

When dozens of children are running from house to house, 30 or 40 KPH speed limits are still too high on Halloween night.

3. Be patient and courteous

Don’t be in a hurry. By anticipating that your trip will be longer than usual, leave earlier. Allow pedestrians to cross. The faster they’re out of the way, the earlier they’ll be safe.

What about my Halloween disguise?

If, as a driver, you’re wearing a Halloween costume, make sure it doesn’t obstruct your movements and visibility. If this happens to be the case, why don’t you wait until you reach your destination to put it on?

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