3 factors to consider when driving, come September...

Driving in Québec calls for making adjustments in accordance with the constantly changing weather and road conditions. Shortly after the summer heat waves, we’re already preparing for the extreme colds that winter will undoubtedly bring! Such vast extremes in temperature require a fine-tuned ability to adapt. Other than the temperature, here are a few factors you should consider with regard to driving in the fall : 
School buses and children

The arrival of autumn also heralds the start of the school year : which calls for renewed vigilance as regards school buses and school children on our roads. Please be careful – abiding the posted speed limits and the notices regarding school buses or crossings are important to ensuring everyone’s safety! What’s more, the Highway Safety Code actually has hefty fines (and demerit points) for those who offend.

For example, not immobilizing oneself at a school bus stop when the stop signal is lit could result in a fine of several hundreds of dollars plus 9 demerit points – not to mention having to pay more to the SAAQ for your license when you renew your licence, for the following two years.
Changes in daylight hours

The days are quickly getting shorter: don’t be surprised if some of the errands you run end up being carried out at dusk or even when it’s dark out. Remember to turn on your headlights! Many drivers forget to check this, especially if they’ve set out on their route when the sun was still out.

The majority of recent vehicles have an « AUTO » function for the headlights, which will ensure that they turn on and off based on the ambient outdoor lighting. Make use of this function!

If you haven’t done so recently, this might be a good time to check whether all of your lights are working properly. Here’s a tip - the next time you park in front of a store, back up in the parking spot, and check your rear-view mirror to ensure that your brake and backup lights are working as they should.
Changes in travelling habits

Since school started again, you’ve no doubt observed a change - for example, in traffic patterns, especially with regard to the longer peak periods. We recommend that you set aside more time for travelling over the next weeks, at least until you get time to adapt to these new habits.

Also, stay attuned to weather conditions, which can often have a major impact on traffic. For example, if your job allows you to occasionally work from home, why not take advantage of this when heavy rains are forecast?


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