When you are impaired, be responsible. We do not drive!

Today nobody thinks that driving while impaired is cool …

In fact, 98 % of the population is against this kind of behaviour. Let’s remember that road accidents are the main cause of death for the 15-24 group. Make every possible effort to avoid being on the front pages of newspapers!

1. Plan Ahead!

I’m convinced that many times you made plans on the clothes that you’d be wearing or the drinks you’d drink during an evening. Why don’t you also plan how you’re going to get back home at the end of the evening? That would permit you to fully enjoy your evening. The “We’ll see once we’re there” seldom works!

2. Take a cab!

Cabs are always available. A cab ride is always cheaper than losing your driver’s licence, or worse, getting involved in an accident!

3. Sleeping over

Instead of going back home in the middle of the night, might as well be sleeping over and going back home in the morning! However, beware if your B.A.C. was high at 3 A.M. You might still be unable to drive at 8 A.M…

4. Designated Driver

A designated driver mustn’t have ingested alcohol or drugs before driving. Therefore, he must be designated before the party begins!

5. Drive-Me-Home Services

Everyone heard of the Red Nose Operations which drive home people who drank too much in December each year. Look around. There must be year round “Drive-me-Home Services” in your neighbourhood. As a rule, their services are cheap and you don’t have to pick up your car the following day.

Here are a few of them: In spite of all the services, we still have too many DWI cases and their consequences.

To get more information about the legal aspects, here are the implementable rules and sanctions.

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