Trucks have a lot of blind spots. Be careful when driving in their presence.

When driving, you may have been surprised by the presence of a vehicle in your blind spot.

How would you feel if you had to deal with blind spots ten times larger than yours? Well, this is the reality that truck drivers have to live with. Even though their vehicles are much bigger, most of them have a glass surface that’s a lot smaller than the one on your own vehicle!

How to Be Seen?

In the best case scenario, keep away from heavy vehicles so as to be more visible to them and also leave them enough space to manoeuver.

When it’s impossible to keep away from them, such as in heavy traffic, make sure you see the truck driver’s face in his rear view mirrors. If you see his face, he’ll see your vehicle when he glances at them. If you can’t see his face, accelerate or slow down a little to change your position in relationship to the truck and get out of the truck driver’s blind spots.

Pay attention to the heavy vehicles’ flashers. If you’re driving next to a heavy truck and the driver turns his flashers toward you, he’s showing his intention to change lane or make a turn. Can he see you? In case of doubt, slow down and give him enough space to manoeuver.

For more information and also for a demonstration of how truck drivers deal with blind spots, click on:

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