Quebec signage

Everybody recognizes a Stop Sign – at least I hope so!

But sometimes, we face signs that have a message that is not clear. Here is a first series of these more exotic road signs :

Covered Bridge

Road Signs : Covered bridge
Did you know that more than 1200 covered bridges were built in Quebec during the 19th and the 20th century?
Unfortunately, most of them have been destroyed. Less than a hundred are still being used.
Discover the nicest one right here. (This article is only available in french)

Risk of getting stuck

Road Signs : Risk of getting stuck

Have you ever noticed truck emergency stop beds on long downhill roads? Their mission is to stop trucks that have run out of brakes.
This road sign implicitly reminds you that it is not a good idea to road test the stopping efficiency of the emergency stop bed…
Indeed, your vehicle will sink all the way to the chassis and risk being seriously damaged.

Roller bridge

Road Signs : Roller bridge
In some areas where deer are numerous (Roe deer, Moose), roller bridges are used to prevent them from reaching or leaving specific zones.
Be aware, that the slower you drive on that kind of bridge, the bumpier the ride will be.
On the other hand, maintaining your speed will allow you to literally ‘float’ and the drive will be a lot smoother.


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