What is the best solution to heat your car quickly in winter.

 Let’s see the differences between these two auxiliary accessories.

During periods of bitter cold weather, roadside assistance services can’t cope with the requests for help. We may ask ourselves how we might make starting the engine easier.​​

Block Heater

When you ‘plug’ your engine, a heating element keeps the engine oil warm. This makes starting the engine a lot easier. Furthermore, the vehicle’s heating system will be efficient a lot sooner.

Just a few hours are necessary to warm up the engine oil. You may even use a timer to activate your block heater. However, there’s nothing wrong with leaving it on all night. It’ll barely increase the cost of electricity.

Use the block heater when the temperature goes below -15°C.

A trick: To make sure you don’t forget to unplug the block heater, run its wire around your car outside the rear view mirror or the car door handle.

Remote Starter

Its purpose is mostly to provide you with comfort. It may, however, be advantageous for your vehicle and for the environment.

A cold engine pollutes more and wears faster. A remote starter may help alleviate these problems. The most efficient way to warm up the engine is to drive slowly until the normal working engine temperature is reached. (The too low temperature witness light turns off or the temperature gage shows normal temperature has been reached.)

Which one should I choose?

Since no one likes to sit in a cold vehicle, you might make a compromise. Use the block heater on very cold days and don’t warm up the engine too long before moving.

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