Need idea for your next roadtrip with friends, found here!

Thinking about embarking on a road trip with your friends this summer? Are you already planning out itineraries, counting the seconds until you can throw your bags in the car?

While new adventures are undoubtedly exciting, unexpected circumstances can crop up at any moment – and you don’t want to waste one second of your amazing vacation!

A well-planned trip with a side of freedom!

Hitting the road with your friends will require you to choose a destination, but expect to make a few compromises along the way. By following these 3 simple steps, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and take full advantage of your trip!

1. Pick a destination

First, you and your friends will need to decide on your road trip’s timeline and budget. If you have limited resources, why not stick to exploring our incredible province? These 11 breathtaking destinations will make you forget that you haven’t left Quebec! You also can’t forget to take the exchange rate into account if you’re planning on visiting our friends in the U.S.

There are tons of places you can visit. Get inspired by surfing Instagram and Pinterest – sharing your findings with your road trip partners is strongly encouraged! A themed vacation can also be a good starting point, whether you prefer foodie, sports-oriented, or nature-rich destinations. If you’re looking for a classic, point yourself towards a truly epic highway, like Route 66 in the United States.

2. Do your homework

Once you’ve decided on a destination, do a little research online, like hitting up travel blogs or putting out feelers on your social networks! Getting to know any must-see spots and hidden gems along the way will help you build a road trip “bucket list.” Then, you can get together with your friends and decide on the locations you must absolutely check off your list this summer. There’s a good chance that you will have similar tastes – these are your closest friends, after all!

3. Make a plan – a flexible plan

Next, create a hub for your travel plans using a specialized app, like Roadtrippers. This will allow you to save your itinerary and discover new possibilities as you go!
Now that your main stopovers have been determined, think about booking a couple of hotels or activities in advance, especially during high season like summer vacation or the construction holiday.

Before you and your friends kick off your road trip…

Before you go, make sure that your car is in good enough shape to cover the number of miles you’ll be driving on your trip. Check its vitals, such as fluids, tires, and brakes, or hand the car over to a professional for a head-to-toe inspection.

Finally, there is no shortage of other helpful apps you can download before you head out. Whether it’s GasBuddy to find the lowest gas prices around, Waze to avoid pesky traffic, Spotify to enhance your road trip with the perfect playlist, or OpenTable to discover the coolest restaurants in your area, you’ll be in good hands every step of the way!

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