Tire view of a motorcycle. Who takes more braking distance?

One of the myths that endured the longest is that a motorcycle has a braking power far superior to that of a car. Nevertheless, this is completely wrong!     

Although there has been a lot of research on the subject, we did our little experiment in order to validate these results. 
Click here to watch the video capsule (in french).

During a perfectly executed braking, as much on the part of the motorist as the motorcyclist, the motorcycle took on average 18% more space to stop, when starting from 50 km/h. Shocking!

Complexity of the maneuver
By car, an emergency braking is simple: a pedal on which one presses, often doubled of electronic systems to assist us in case one makes a mistake.  
On the motorcycle it's quite another story! Not only are there two levers to operate, one also must have the right combination between the front and rear brake, make sure to keep the bike upright and not to block the wheels. More and more motorcycles are equipped with ABS brakes, but it is not as widespread as on cars.
Briefly put, an emergency braking on a motorcycle is a complex and delicate maneuver: no wonder it is part of the skills to demonstrate in order to receive the motorcycle license!

In the end
Knowing that even an experienced motorcyclist is likely to do a wrong maneuver during an emergency braking (due to its complexity) and that the braking distance will be longer, what remains to be done?  
It's simple: keep a greater distance from the vehicle in front!
Have a good motorcycle season!

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