Prepare to hit the road this winter. It's not so obvious that we think.

You had your winter tires installed. Is there anything else to do before facing the winter conditions?    

The most important element to prepare is behind the wheel: it's you! Indeed, it is your ability to adapt to changing conditions that will allow you to drive safely, even when the weather acts up.How to get ready?
  • Give yourself more time for your trips. The same trip will take you longer in the winter and one will also have to add the time needed to clean the car. Plan ahead! This way, you will be able to drive more slowly - so safer - and still arrive on time.
  • Find out about the state of the roads. There are several ways to find out in real time what are the condition of the road and traffic, including the service offered by Québec 511. If the conditions are too bad, it may be better to postpone your trip, if possible. 
  • Be rested. It is more physically demanding to drive when conditions are difficult. Put the odds on your side by being fresh and ready!
  • Be attentive to the road. While it is easy to differentiate a snow-covered roadway from an unobstructed roadway, it is sometimes much more difficult to detect whether the roadway is wet or frozen. Be wary of elevated highways, those close to rivers and those that are windswept.
  • Develop your skills. We offer driving improvement courses, as well as skidding control courses. These are additional tools that will help you face the music more confidently and safely. Inquire at your Tecnic branch!

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