5 tips for getting around safely during winter 

Some people make their way to warmer climates come winter (just think snowbirds), while others dream of spending the year’s coldest months in hibernation. Yet for most of us, winter is all about travelling through snow, on ice, and more! Seeing as winter is pretty much inevitable, why not find a way to safely navigate and even enjoy the snowy landscapes?

Here are a few tips to help you drive safely all winter long.
  1. Check the weather forecast! When conditions become difficult, try and cancel or postpone any appointments or other events that require being on the roads or highways. Keep your travelling to an absolute minimum (and only when truly necessary).
  2. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Take a few minutes to check the condition of your tires. Also, clean off any accumulated snow, ice, etc. from your headlights, brake lights and license plate to ensure you are visible to other drivers.
  3. Fill up your gas tank! Avoid letting your needle drop below the quarter-tank mark. Vehicles can be more prone to breakdowns during very cold periods. Having sufficient gas is also handy if you get immobilized during a storm. You will be able to let your car run and thus stay warm. If you have an electric vehicle, make sure it is fully charged. Remember this accident on Highway 13 in 2017…

    Remember to top up your windshield washer fluid. Never done it on your own yet? Ask someone to show you the exact steps so you can confidently do it yourself! You might also want to keep a pair of old warm gloves in the car; they’ll come handy for tasks such as filling up the windshield washer fluid reservoir. 
  4. Remove all accumulated snow and ice from your vehicle before getting behind the wheel. Not only is doing so required by law, by driving an “igloo” is dangerous for everyone on the road! Windows, headlights, brake lights and your vehicle’s license plate must also be cleared of all accumulated snow or ice so that they are visible to other drivers. Remember, you must remove all of the snow, ice, etc. You may want to try keeping a snow brush in your car to make this particular task easier. 
  5. Modify your driving. Come winter, everyone goes through an initial period where they must modify their driving habits... almost like getting back into the groove when you first strap on your skis! Slow down, be aware of road conditions and know how your vehicle reacts.
Following these tips will keep you as safe as possible, despite your not having any control over the weather or the road conditions. Don’t forget... the single most important factor in terms of highway safety is you, the driver!


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