Pedestrian crossing an intersection full of motorists. We explain the importance of sharing the road.

Stop for a moment and think... 

You are or may have been a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist on the same roads at different occasions.
And yet, it is curious how our perception of sharing varies by our mode of transport, doesn't it?

When we are pedestrians
We expect to have the highest priority everywhere and at all times, which is wrong! Still, it's not that complicated to cross at the right places and times …
When we are cyclists …
In general, we will do everything not to slow down, even running a stop or a red light, with the excuse that the pretext that the driver has it easier, his pedals are much easier to push …
When we are motorists …
We like to curse these pedestrians and cyclists who think they are allowed to do whatever they want on the road!
COOPERATION is the key to a more harmonious coexistence between different road users. If you are cooperative, you will not arrive later to your destination and you will be less stressed out.  
  • When walking, cross in a safe place, where you will be visible to motorists. Especially at night, in the rain, or when you wear a black coat. Also, there is no harm in making eye contact with the driver before crossing!
  • By bike, when there is no bike lane, ride on the right, in the same direction as the traffic. Remember that you have to respect the stops and traffic lights as well as motorists. 
  • By car, be a little more patient and take the time to give priority to a pedestrian or a cyclist. Especially when it's raining and you're dry in your car … 

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