Reduce your gaz consuption.

Do you feel that gas is way too expensive? We all agree!

And yet, there are ways to reduce gas consumption.
  1. Keep your tires properly inflated
    Underinflated tires may lead to a gas consumption increase of up to 20%.

    Check your tire pressure at least once a month…with a pressure gauge.
  2. Reduce idling time
    Your car engine uses about a liter of gas per hour when idling.

    Turn your engine off when stopping for ten seconds or more. Avoid drive through services when the waiting is too long. Avoid warming up your engine more than a minute before being on your way.
  3. Take it easy
    A car moving at 120 km/ h burns 15 to 20% more fuel than at 100 km/h.

    Slow down a little and you’ll see that the difference in time is negligible, but the gas saving is real! Use the cruise control to maintain constant speed.

    In urban areas, adjust your speed to minimize braking and accelerating; no need to race between traffic lights.
  4. Get rid of non-essentials
    Bicycle racks, ski boxes, dictionaries…Anything that adds weight to the car or resistance to air increases gas consumption.

    Leave what you don’t need at home! You won’t be using gas to move it around.
  5. Maintain your vehicle
    Many drivers don’t maintain their cars. Yet, a well maintained car burns a lot less gas and performs much better.

Get an app that allows you to find the cheapest gas near your home. You won’t save if you drive considerable distances to save a few cents per liter. 

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