Do you want your license? Here are 5 rock solid arguments to convince your parents to help you.

Yes, in life, there are many steps to successfully complete and this is only the beginning! Getting your driver’s license is part of these steps. 

1. Commitment : I know what I’m getting into

Before discussing it with your parents, get all the information needed. Be ready to answer their questions: how long it takes? You can find the answer to this right here. You will also want to have the following information: when and where the classes are held, how much it costs and if you need a car or not? You will have all the answers when you call or visit the Tecnic driving school in your neighborhood.  Your parents will be reassured if they see that you are well informed (autonomous) and well aware of the steps needed to obtain your driver’s license. They will also find that you are serious in your approach.

2. Confidence: I am mature and I will prove it

Take the time to set rules and responsibilities with your parents. For example: what car to take, when to borrow or not to borrow it, who will be your accompanying driver or drivers, etc. Prove to them that you are ready to gain their trust. Yes, some concessions will have to be made, but you will survive! Nothing prevents you from asking beforehand the right to fail any of the established rules. In the end, chances are that by honoring the commitments, you will be able to negotiate some of the rules once you have proven yourself.  In short, your parents must conclude that you are trustworthy!

3. Safety: I already know the main rules

 Parents worry, which is only normal!  They will surely talk to you about texting, speeding and drinking while driving. Stay a step ahead by preparing your answers. Consult the rules on the learner’s licence. Then, maturely discuss and answer their concerns.  Contrary to what you think, they will be reassured, knowing that you are aware of safety rules. 

4. Freedom: I will be able to drive myself around

Freedom (autonomy) is a great argument for your parents! For them, everything changes: no need to drive you to your practices, movies, or friends. Transportation logistics are over! In a few years, when you have your regular driver’s licence, you will even be able to be their designated driver when they visit friends! 

5. Money : I’m ready to contribute

With a driver’s licence come expenses, something your parents will surely talk to you about. Do you have any savings? Do you have a student job? Set a realistic amount for yourself and offer to contribute financially to reduce the total cost. Show them you are ready to collaborate by paying part of the expense.  

The strongest argument: I will clean the house

​Are your parents still not convinced, even after all your efforts? Then think about what would really make them happy... Well Yes! Helping with the chores! Offer to clean the entire house over a period of time. Or at least your room! Set the value of your contribution with them and get to work! It’s up to you to see how far you're willing to go to get your license!  
Good luck, future driver!

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